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Shutdown Preparation

Shutdown Preparation

Sometimes, the hardest questions to answer are:


  • What should be repaired and when?
  • What should be done to correct a problem?
  • Where is a problem developing that we might not even recognize at this time?
  • In what order should equipment be repaired so as to optimize the use of downtime in solving the most troublesome and critical problems?


Technical Associates, with its experience and diverse background, can help you efficiently plan for your upcoming scheduled shutdowns.


  • Analyze Critical Machines Scheduled for Shutdown to Recommended Corrective Actions and to Prioritize the Machines in Need of Repair
  • Setup of Computer Database Parameters for Data Collection
  • Collection of Vibration Data
  • Analysis of Acquired Data to Determine Machine Condition
  • Recommended Corrective Actions
  • Assign Rank Ordered Recommendations and Severity Levels for Each Problem Found Aiding the Plant in Efficiently Utilizing its Downtime to Correct Existing and Potential Problems

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