Application Criteria for Renewal of ISO Compliant Certification

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Certification Renewal Criteria

At any time in the final 6 months of certificate validity, certification may be renewed by the certification body for a new 5-year period, plus the period of unexpired certification, so long as the certificate holder provides verifiable evidence of continued satisfactory work activity without significant interruption.


TABofC may contact your supervisor or manager to confirm your work responsibilities and activities for the past 5 years.



Category I = 30 credits

Category II = 40 credits

Category III = 55 credits

Category IV = 70 credits

Credits are earned in the following three areas:


  • Vibration Work Experience (50 credits maximum)
  • Related Vibration Activities (25 credits maximum)
  • Continuing Education and Improvement (25 credits maximum)


If your credit total equals or exceeds the number required for your current recertification category, you may qualify for a 5-year renewal period on your certification.

TABofC will carefully evaluate your application and make the final determination regarding your eligibility. A $200 processing fee will be charged if you are granted this certification renewal.

Any questions regarding the Renewal process can be emailed to Tom Hicks at or you may call Tom at 704-333-9011.



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