James E. Berry, P.E., President - Analytical Group

A Note from the President:

I would like to personally invite you to explore the numerous vibration services, seminars and products that we have developed over the past 30+ years. This fascinating vibration technology is my continuing passion that I love to share with others! Join us in this captivating journey!

  • 35+ years mechanical engineering experience includingJames E. Berry, P.E. - President of Technical Associates of Charlotte 35 years in vibration analysis and noise control
  • 30+ years experience setting up and implementing Predictive Maintenance Programs and performing Vibration Diagnostics, Modal Analysis and Finite Element Computer Modeling
  • 7 years experience in stress and fatigue analysis of machine and structural components
  • Published several articles in journals such as Sound and Vibration Magazine
  • Given presentations to several engineering societies including the Vibration Institute, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Acoustical Society of America (ASA), the American Institute of Plant Engineers (AIPE), the American Society of Textile Management Engineers (ASTME) and the Predictive Maintenance Technology National Conference (thru P/PM Technology)
  • Performed vibration analysis of machines, frames and foundations using multi-channel spectrum analyzers, programmable data collectors, tape recorders, etc; Vibration Diagnostic Evaluations performed on a wide variety of machines including centrifugal air compressors, rotary screw compressors, machine tools, boiler ID and FD fans, circulating fans, pumps, rolling mills, draw frames, draw texturing machines, take-up machines, winders, extruders, steam turbines, vertical pumps, cooling towers, refrigeration chillers, vacuum pumps and various types of gearboxes
  • Has developed considerable expertise in evaluating high-speed centrifugal and rotary screw air compressors
  • Received his BS and Master's Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University
  • Authored five Seminar Texts in "Analysis I", "Analysis II", "Analysis III", "Advanced Vibration Analysis", and "Applied Modal & ODS Analysis" with an emphasis on use of Vibration Signature Analysis and Corrective Methods in Condition Monitoring programs. These seminars are offered at various locations in the United States and in Europe, and are given throughout the year by Jim as well as other qualified Analytical Group personnel
  • 25+ years experience serving as an instructor in Vibration Analysis
  • Certified as an ISO Category IV Vibration Analyst

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