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PdM Program Mentoring

The “KEY” to a Successful PdM Program!


Technical Associates Services - PdM Program MentoringTechnical Associates stands ready to help you and your plant take your  PdM Program to the next level – and to keep it there via PdM Program Mentoring. This service can begin whether your program is in its beginning or if your program has been in effect for many years.

What services will we provide during PdM Mentoring? See the following list of comprehensive tasks:

  • Create Meaningful PdM Databases (Proper Fmax, #Lines of Resolution, etc. for a wide range of machine types operating at an array of speeds)
  • Enhance Existing PdM Databases
  • Confirm Optimum Measurement Points on Machines in the PdM Program
  • Answer your PdM Team Questions as Your Program Begins to Mature
  • Show How Meaningful Overall and Spectral Vibration Alarms Should Be Established Based on our 30 years company experience in our own PdM Programs, as well as teaching others how to accomplish this in our world renowned seminars.

NOTE: Mentoring services can be established either for 2 or 3 visits by our experienced vibration analysts or can be set up for pre-determined scheduled visits (typically quarterly). This will provide continuing enhancement of your PdM Program as well as notably improving the reliability of machinery included in your program.

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