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PdM Program Audits

Technical Associates has audit services for the evaluation of existing PdM programs to confirm the use of proper fundamentals in vibration data acquisition and its analysis. Your plant can take advantage of this knowledge by having Technical Associates' experienced vibration analysts conduct a thorough review of your plant’s data collection and analysis techniques, analyzer usage, and PdM database setup, evaluating each of the following:


  • Proper Fmax and #Lines of Resolution Settings to be able to Accurately Determine Machine Condition as well as to be able to Identify a Wide Range of Problems
  • Proper Accelerometers and Data Collector Settings to be able to Capture the Low Frequency Vibration Signals emitted by Slow Turning Shafts, Bearings and Belts
  • Proper Accelerometers to Detect High Frequency Gear Mesh and Harmonic Signals
  • Take Full Advantage of Your Software’s Alarm and Reporting Capabilities (Statistical Analysis, Overalls, Spectral Band Alarms, Narrowband Envelope Alarms, etc.)
  • Ensure Meaningful Timely Reports are Developed to Inform Plant Management of the Success and Key Findings Achieved by Your PdM Program
Technical Associates Service: PdM Program Audits

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