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PdM Database Creation or Refinement

Probably the greatest problem in predictive maintenance programs (PdM) worldwide is improperly set up PdM databases. They are critical to detection of potentially serious problems that develop in machinery. However, although most data collectors and software have great capabilities, new technicians are often overwhelmed when charged to use those capabilities in the development of a PdM database or simply to add a new machine to the existing database.


The increase in popularity of vibration trending and analysis has resulted in a large number of new users entering the field.  A simplified (yet meaningful) approach to setting up an effective database is needed that will allow one with little experience to develop an effective database.  After much consideration, Technical Associates has developed a proven approach to setting up a PdM database. It is effective on a variety of machine types, operating speeds and configurations with only small variations in setup parameters. Its implementation will result in:


  1. Minimal time to develop a database (Recommended setup parameters are straightforward)
  2. Minimal database complexity (Recommended parameters are repeated across many machine types)
  3. Superior Time Waveforms – Developed to:
    • Detect a wide variety of machine faults and operating conditions
    • Accurately generate and display stored spectra
  4. Superior Spectra (Developed with sufficient Frequency Resolution to detect a wide range of faults and operating conditions and display closely spaced frequencies such as blade pass and bearing fault frequencies)
  5. Meaningful alarms for both spectra and time waveforms that will detect a series of problems


Using this approach proven in establishing PdM databases for 30 years by experienced Technical Associates analysts, a plant or organization can confidently implement a meaningful PdM program capable of achieving considerable cost savings while simultaneously improving machine reliability.

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