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Over 35 years company experience in vibration diagnostic projects across most all industries make Technical Associates one of the leaders in vibration analysis for those hard to resolve problems on specialized machinery including, but not limited to, gear driven production equipment.


  • Identify Sources of Unwanted Vibration and Recommending Solutions.
  • Use Specialized Instrumentation and Techniques to Identify Problems with Unique Machinery to Recommend Solutions.
  • Identify Resonant Conditions Commonly Encountered During Machine Speed Increases and Recommend Solutions.
  • Perform Modal Analysis, to confirm Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes of Machinery and structures.
  • Perform Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis to confirm how a machine or structure vibrates while in operation, looking for problems such as unbalance, misalignment, soft/sprung foot, and probable resonance.

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Vibration Diagnostics (Equipment & Structures)


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