ISO Category IV, Part 2

(Advanced Vibration Diagnostic and Reduction Techniques)


This newly updated 4-day seminar completes coverage of all training requirements for ISO Category IV Certification as per the ISO 18436-2 document.


  1. Provides in-depth coverage of Special Diagnostic Techniques required not only to detect numerous faults on machinery or structures, but also gives real insight on fault severity.
  2. Follows with fault correction giving in-depth Vibration Reduction Techniques.
  3. Introduces Modal and Operating Deflection Shape analysis.
  4. Newly developed section on Rotor Dynamics (including a special Sleeve Bearing Failure Analysis paper) completes the information an analyst needs to prepare for the new ISO Category IV exam.


  • Recommended Full-Time PdM Vibration Experience = 5 to 8 years
  • Prior experience with natural frequency testing, operating deflection shape analysis, phase analysis, time waveform analysis, and similar applications will help students to better comprehend the broad array of material presented in this information packed seminar.
  • If ISO Vibration Certification is desired at Category IV, a student must be ISO Category III Certified.

ISO Category IV Certification Test Offered On Friday


Seminar Agenda

In-Depth Time Waveform Analysis

  • Synchronous, Nonsynchronous & Circular Waveform Diagnostics
  • Autocorrelation Techniques

Multi-Channel Diagnostic Techniques

  • Impact Natural Frequency Test Methods
  • Transient Analysis (Start-up, Coastdown, Bode’ and Nyquist Plotting)
  • Cross Channel Phase, Coherence & Torsional Vibration Analysis
  • Operating Deflection Shape Analysis & Applications

How To Identify Resonance

Order Tracking Techniques Required On Variable Speed Machines

  • Tips on Computer Model Development of Machinery and Structures
  • Required Numbers of Points and Directions
  • Definition of Frequency Response Functions (FRF’s) and their Significance
  • How to Accurately Interpret Computer Model Animations and Detect the Problems they Reveal
  • Best Practices Needed to Resolve Resonance Problems
  • Real-World Modal & ODS Case Histories

Introduction To Modal And ODS Analysis

Technical Associates: ISO Category IV, Part 2 (Advanced); Modal Analysis

Brief Review of ISO Category IV, Part 1 (Analysis III) Topics

Comparison Of ODS Analysis With Modal Analysis Using Real-World Case Histories

In-Depth Vibration Isolation Mechanisms

In-Depth Vibration Damping Treatments

Introduction To Rotor Dynamics

  • Sleeve Bearing Types and Applications
  • Sleeve Bearing Failure Analysis Techniques
  • Rotor Characteristics and Rotor Balancing
  • Orbit and Shaft Centerline Analysis
  • Flexible Rotor Balancing

Introduction to Torsional Vibration Analysis

Seminar Fee: $2095

A $100 DISCOUNT will be given for full payment at least 60 DAYS prior to the seminar start date.

Seminar Fees include textbook, appendices, breaks and lunches.





1230 West Morehead Street, Suite 400

Charlotte, North Carolina  28208