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Since the founding at Charlotte, NC in 1961, Technical Associates has earned professional esteem by having accomplished a wide list of successful services for our clients throughout the United States. Client references are available.


Offering expertise in many areas, Technical Associates has made a concentrated effort to supply our clients with a wealth of specialized manpower and support.


  • Analytical Group — formed in 1974, handles the sophisticated analysis and testing resulting from our early involvement with vibration analysis, predictive maintenance programs, field balancing, operating deflection shape (ODS) analysis and modal analysis. This group has developed a series of vibration analysis and predictive maintenance seminars which are taught at locations throughout the world. Likewise, we have certified over 14,000 vibration analysts worldwide.


Technical Associates stands ready and has the ability to positively meet your company's needs.



The Analytical Group was formed in 1974 and has been very successful in the “Vibration Services" area throughout the United States and abroad. This group has established “Predictive Maintenance Programs" for a wide range of clients. Many of these companies are leaders in their respective industries and were interested in improving product quality as well as reducing maintenance expenditure. These companies have succeeded in their goals and were able to improve the reliability of both production and support machinery. Actual cost savings have ranged from $10.00 to $20.00 per dollar invested in their program.


Other areas of expertise are:














  • Vibration Analysis Seminars - On-Site
  • Predictive Maintenance Training
  • Predictive Maintenance Program Services
  • Vibration Diagnostic Investigations
  • Field Balancing
  • Design of Vibration Isolation Systems and/or Damping Treatments
  • Vibration Acceptance Testing
  • Modal Analysis and Operation Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis Seminars

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1230 West Morehead Street, Suite 400

Charlotte, North Carolina  28208