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Mitchell J. France, Mechanical Engineer

  • Has 25 years engineering experience in designMitchell J. France, Mechanical Engineer, testing and analysis on mechanical and vibration projects
  • Worked 7 years in the submarine design test group at Newport News Shipbuilding where he performed stress analysis, finite element modeling, modal analysis, sound and vibration testing, resonance testing, and formulating noise abatement recommendations
  • Since joining Technical Associates in March of 1990, Mitch has steadily enhanced his capabilities in vibration diagnostics, predictive maintenance, stress analysis, modal analysis and noise control
  • He has performed vibration diagnostics on a variety of machinery including centrifugal air compressors, screw compressors, machine tools, circulating fans, pumps, draw frames, refrigeration chillers and vacuum pumps
  • He has also assisted in vibration analysis training
  • Mitch received his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University
  • Currently certified as an ISO Category IV Vibration Analyst

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Alberto Roman, Jr., Vibration Analyst & Instructor

  • Added to Technical Associates’ staff in 2000,Alberto Roman, Jr., Vibration Analyst & Instructor Al’s 25 years experience with maintaining mechanical equipment includes over 15 years of vibration analysis and predictive maintenance
  • He was responsible for database setups, establishing alarm levels and repair recommendations on blowers, pumps, motors and compressors for a major dye and chemical company
  • Al earned an associates degree in applied science while in the Air Force and is currently certified as an ISO Category IV Vibration Analyst
  • Currently Al teaches the Entry and Level I Seminars

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Vito Sabato, Mechanical Engineer & Instructor

  • Vito joined the Technical Associates’ staff inVito Sabato, Mechanical Engineer & Instructor 2000 and is currently certified as an ISO Category IV Vibration Analyst
  • He has been a licensed instructor for TA in South Africa, permitted to lecture up to the Level 3 course and proctor Level 3 examinations
  • Vito has also attained Level 2 certification in the oil analysis and thermographic analysis techniques and has also given training in these two condition monitoring techniques
  • Vito has specialized in the implementation and management of predictive/proactive maintenance programs. He has been directly responsible in the implementation of these programs in a number of industries including mining, pulp and paper, steel and power generation
  • Presently, in addition to training, his main responsibilities include sales and marketing of predictive/proactive maintenance programs for Technical Associates
  • He obtained a BS degree in engineering in 1983 from the University of the Witwatersrand and went on to obtain a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the same university

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Dale Stevens, Electrical Engineer

  • Since earning his degree fromDale Stevens, Electrical Engineer the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1985, Dale's accomplishments include designing electrical hardware for space launch vehicles, resolving component quality problems and constructing a portable digital TV system
  • He is qualified in analog circuit design, component failure analysis, and systems integration and testing
  • Currently a certified ISO Category IV Vibration Analyst, Dale joined Technical Associates in 2000
  • He supports our clients' predictive maintenance programs with machinery condition monitoring activities such as data collection, vibration diagnostics and generating reports

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Allen (Skip) Hartman, Jr., Senior Engineer/Consultant & Instructor

  • Has 25 years experience in vibration, Allen (Skip) Hartman, Jr., Senior Engineer/Consultant & Instructorbalancing and acoustical analysis and is ISO Category IV certified
  • He began vibration and acoustics analysis services in support of new construction and overhaul contracts for the US Navy, along with developing Vibration Tests and Analysis Guides for all classes of amphibious ships
  • He was involved with extensive test fixture design and design of experiments for accelerated testing of automotive drive train sealing and gasket systems
  • He has also contributed to the development of on-line vibration monitoring systems for the pulp and paper as well as the plastics industries
  • While with Technical Associates, he has performed advanced rotating machinery vibration diagnostic investigations and other consulting services
  • He has participated in the instruction of extensive multi-level seminars & certification programs covering vibration, dynamic balancing and predictive maintenance
  • He has commissioned several large condition monitoring programs for corporate clients
  • Skip is a graduate of LeTourneau University in Longview, TX holding a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Aviation Technology

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Jayson Ray, Vibration Analyst & Instructor

  • Technical Associates is proud to add Jayson Ray, Vibration Analyst & InstructorJayson to our highly qualified Analytical Group Team as of September 2016.
  • Jayson has 8 years experience in vibration and field balancing
  • Has taught numerous seminars for typical class size of 15 to 25 persons
  • Certified as an ISO Category III Vibration Analyst
  • Has helped implement predictive maintenance programs using vibration, infrared thermography, motor circuit evaluation (MCE), ultrasound and a variety of NDT testing methods
  • Certified as Level III Lubrication Specialist through ICML
  • Certified as Level III Thermographer through Snell Infrared
  • Certified as Level II Ultrasound Specialist
  • Holds Level II Certifications in numerous NDT testing technologies
  • Has given presentations at a number of events such as PdMA Motor Conference, Thermal Solutions Conference and TRICO Global Reliability Conference
  • Lubrication Specialist through STLE
  • Transformer Specialist through SD Myers


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